The Windows 10 April 2018 update brings with it a host of enhanced settings, new features and a revamped design. However, there are some innovations that are less welcome. Microsoft hasn’t drawn attention to this new change: with Windows 10 April 2018, the operating system resurrects a feature that we thought had been removed. When you shut down your PC, or restart it, it’s no longer possible to skip the installation of an update. This feature was very handy when you needed to start your system up quickly and didn’t want to have to wait for updates to be installed. But now, you can face the situation whereby it takes several minutes for your desktop to load when you turn your machine on.

Also, if you usually turn the mains power off after you have shut down your PC, you will now be forced to wait longer to do so if Windows is installing updates. Why Microsoft have brought back this feature that forces you to install updates at times of their choosing is a mystery.

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