Browsers such as Firefox and Chrome have benefitted from extensions for years now but the extensions available for Edge are still limited and Microsoft have come up with a rather flimsy excuse.

There is no doubt that browsers are much more powerful than they used to be and can play movies, view PDFs and synchronise bookmarks using their built-in features. However, installing the right extensions allows you to make your browser more secure and add missing features. For example, an ad-blocker is a must for many PC users and extensions can also be used to speed up page loading and improve readability.

Microsoft recognise that extensions are one of Windows 10 users’ most requested features and stressed in August last year how easy it would be to port Chrome extensions to Microsoft Edge. But there are still only around 70 browser extensions available for Edge in the Windows Store, compared to the thousands available for Firefox and Chrome.

According to Microsoft, there is simple reason for that. Microsoft are trying to create a carefully assembled ecosystem, so it is very picky about which extensions it allows into the Store.

In my opinion they are being too restrictive and when you compare the quality of the extensions available for Edge to other browsers, there really isn’t that much difference.

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