If you are informed that something is wrong with your PC, you need to be on your guard. Increasingly, such reports are the result of so-called ‘support scams’ according to Microsoft.

Get rich quick schemes, messages telling you that you are under investigation and advertisements for prescription drugs, the ideas used by phishing scammers know no bounds. And Microsoft is now warning that the latest are support scams, which try to trick you into calling expensive hotline numbers or trick you into buying useless software. These scams usually involve telling you that there is a serious problem with your system, or your security is at threat.

According to Microsoft, at least 3 million people were affected by such scams last month but the company also warns of other threats, such as infected banner adverts, or websites that redirect you to alleged help pages. These help pages don’t really help at all and just draw you deeper into the scam.

Fortunately, a support scam can be easily identified. The sender of the email is usually using a false address that looks similar to an address used by a real company and the links in the messages take you to sites run by scammers. Just hover your mouse over the link in a message without clicking on it to see the actual address. Also be on the lookout for messages that tell you to call premium rate telephone numbers.

If you have fallen for this scam, please call and let us know what happened!

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