A good Internet Service Provider (ISP) should be invisible – you shouldn't even know they are there.
In an ideal world, your internet connection is always on, always reliable and you never have to call your ISP's help desk.

Unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world and how well your internet connection performs depends very much on your ISP.
And if your ISP is TalkTalk, you’ll be lucky if you even managed to download this email!
Yet again they have been rated as the worst ISP in the UK by independent consumer monitoring group, Which?

According to the Which? survey, only 40% of TalkTalk customers are happy with the service they receive and it’s the fifth time TalkTalk have won this dubious award!

TalkTalk have been beset by problems recently, with hackers stealing the data of 157,000 customers, followed by a further 21,000 customer's details being taken shortly afterwards.

The top of TalkTalk users lists of problems included slow internet speeds, frequently dropped connections and poor customer service.
They weren’t the only bad performers however, with Sky and BT coming second and third with scores of only 45% and 46% for customer satisfaction, respectively.

If you’re with one of these ISPs and are tired of constant slow downloads and flaky connections, you could consider switching to the best-rated ISP, Zen. Although little-known, they have been around for a long time and have built a solid reputation.

There really is no need to put up with poor internet performance. If you’re out of your initial contract period, making the switch to a different ISP is a simple process and shouldn’t cost you a penny. Just look for details of what you need to do on your newly chosen ISP’s website.

As Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director, said ‘Far too many people are still getting a poor deal from their broadband provider. Big players need to improve their service across the board or expect their customers to take their business elsewhere.’

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