Skype’s a great program to keep in touch with friends and family, whether they live down the street or on the other side of the world. Using it you can make free phone and video calls to anyone using the software from the comfort of your PC.

So, if you use Skype like I do, you were probably terrified if you saw the latest security scan concerning it this week. The problem has led to panic and heated debate in online forums and on Twitter.

Basically the claim was that there was a security problem in the software that was so severe that Microsoft couldn’t fix it without rewriting the entire program.
The problem does indeed exist in Skype 7.4 and earlier. It allows malware running on a computer to use Skype’s update mechanism to take over the entire PC via a fake DLL file.

But the problem isn’t with Skype itself, but rather with its companion updating tool.

The rumour seems to have started when a security researcher uncovered the bug and told Microsoft about it. Microsoft told him that patching the bug would require a large code revision, so he subsequently went public with his findings.

The thing is, Microsoft have already fixed it. They released Skype 8 last October which fixes the problem.

So the solution is simple – update to Skype 8.

Unfortunately, Skype 7.4 won’t automatically update to Skype 8 so you will need to install it manually.

To do so, visit the site below and download the latest version:

One you’ve installed the latest version, you should check that the old version is not present on your PC.

To do so, press [Windows Key] + [R], type control and click OK.

In the Control Panel, click on Programs and Features. Look through the list of programs for an entry for Skype.

There should only be one version. If there is more than one, uninstall the old version by selecting it and clicking on Uninstall.

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