Start Mozilla has launched version 60 of their popular Firefox browser. It comes with a whole host of new features, but not all of these features have been welcomed with enthusiasm.

Anyone looking for a revolution of browsing features are likely to be disappointed. The developers promise that the browser is a bit faster and a bit more secure, now offering critical two-factor authentication to log into Internet applications. Added to that, Firefox now includes new notification features that make it easier to spot whether your data is encrypted while you are using websites. If you surf an encrypted connection while the browser is in private mode, you’ll see a lock with a cross over it displayed in the address bar, for example.

But that’s where the useful features end. In order to finance future developments, Mozilla relies on advertising revenue. So now, when you open a new blank tab, you’ll see sponsored content displayed. Mozilla are rolling out this new money making experiment in the US first, so how successful it is there will influence whether you see similar sponsored content in your browser.

Hopefully the adverts won’t be too intrusive, and it will be a small price to pay for such a fantastic free browser.

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