With all the latest security features that Microsoft have built into Windows 10, you'd hardly think it was possible for your PC to be infected with malware from a simple hacked web page.

After all, it’s the hackers' first line of attack, so Windows should be wise to it by now.

But unfortunately not! It turns out that both Internet Explorer and the new Edge browser are vulnerable to a problem that allows a malicious web page to implant a virus on your computer.

The problem affects the browser's Chakra scripting engine and could allow a malicious web page to run any code it likes on your PC.
Luckily, Microsoft have crafted a fix for this problem and 74 other Windows bugs, just hours before a major hacker conference was due to start in Vancouver, Canada.

The CanSecWest Pwn2Own meeting of security researchers includes a competition for hackers and security investigators to see how fast they can compromise a Windows system.

Any of the hackers planning on using one of the 75 security problems Microsoft have now fixed will be disappointed.

But, as a Windows user, you can at least be relieved that another bunch of problems that put your PC at risk have been dealt with and are no longer available to crooks trying to steal from you.

As well as the browser problems, Microsoft's latest batch of patches fix problems in Excel, the SharePoint document sharing server, and 13 different bugs in the Windows Kernel – the heart of the Windows operating system.

If you have automatic updates enabled, which is pretty much compulsory on Windows 10, and the default setting on Windows 8.1 and 7, then the patches will be installed for you and your PC will be protected.

If you don't have automatic updates enabled, you need to manually check and install the fixes.

To do so: open the Control Panel and click Windows Update.

Click Check for updates and when the new fixes are found, click on Install now. Once the update process completes, re-boot your PC for the changes to take effect.

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