If you use the Google Chrome browser, you may have noticed that it’s not working reliably since the last set of updates from Microsoft were installed on your PC.

It seems that one of the most recent fixes issued by Microsoft breaks Chrome, but both Microsoft and Google have been left scratching their heads because they can’t work out why.

The bug also breaks the Cortana personal assistant, meaning that you can no longer say ‘Hey Cortana’ to wake up your system.
If you are affected, I’d suggest using another browser, such as Edge, for the time being. Hopefully Microsoft will come up with a fix soon, but they’re likely to have a lot of work on their hands. That’s because security researchers have just uncovered a host of new problems related to the Spectre bug in Intel processors.

The researchers have discovered at least 8 new ways to exploit the problems in Intel processors. The researchers are still investigating whether the problems could affect AMD processors too.

Spectre is a serious problem for all PC users, since flaws in the design of the processor inside your PC means a hacker could take over the machine and steal data, even if you have a firewall, anti-virus tool and all the latest fixes from Microsoft.

The only fool-proof solution is to replace the processor in your PC with one not affected by the bug.

However, that’s not really practical considering the millions of systems affected, so instead Intel, AMD and Microsoft have been looking to use software updates to protect against the problems.

That’s had mixed results, with one of Microsoft’s fixes causing more problems than it solved and requiring an updated version to be released almost immediately.

Hopefully these latest problems will be fixed quickly!

But because the underlying security flaw is deep inside the processor of practically every PC, new problems like this are likely to crop up regularly, and the software and hardware companies will be constantly battling against them.

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