You can use Microsoft Word with Google Docs to create and collaborate on documents.

You’ve always used Microsoft Word to create your own documents. But now you work with or for other people who use Google Docs. Do you need to renounce Word and adopt Google Docs to take on these new projects? Nope, you can tag team both applications. The two actually play well together. Here’s how:

You can create your documents in Word and upload them to Google Drive.

You can then view, read, and edit your Word docs in Google Docs to make further changes.

You can easily share documents with other people.

Google Docs offers its own version of Track Changes so you can see the modifications each person makes to your documents.
And you can save a Google Docs file as a Word document, among other formats.

First, you’ll need to create a Google account if you don’t already have one. Your Google account provides access to Google Docs and Google Drive, both of which you’ll use to upload, edit, and share documents. Browse to the Google Accounts page to set up your account.

Next, segue to Microsoft Word. You can use any version of Word for this process. Open or create a document. Okay, let’s say you’ve finished the document, at least to the point where it’s ready for review or editing by other people. Save and close the document.

Open the Google Drive website in your favourite browser and sign in with your Google account. Click on the New button. Select the option for File upload. Browse to and select the Word document you just saved.

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