When it comes to choosing a computer brand, the most important thing is to consider your budget, how the computer will be used and choosing a brand that is reliable which meets your needs, has a one year warranty and uses very good components.

1. Assess how the computer will be used. Is it for kids completing school assignments will it be installed with lots of games, or will you be using it to run your business?

2. Once the above step has been established, It would be necessary to consider your budget!

3. Choose a brand that meets your needs. Choose a reliable brand. Choose a computer model that uses high quality components. Always do your research on the hard and CD drives and video, network and sound cards of the computer.

4. Almost all manufacturers have one year warranties. It is important to keep this in mind, so if your computer has a problem and needs to be repaired, as long as the problem arises within a year after the computer was purchased, any repair can be done for free. It is important to have a warranty for this reason because otherwise it would be expensive to keep paying for repairs.

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