Sometimes your computer may actually turn on but an error message during the Power On Self Test (POST) will stop the boot process.

Other times your PC may simply freeze during the POST with no error at all. Sometimes all you will see is your computer maker's logo.

There are a number of BIOS error messages that can display on your monitor and several reasons why a PC might freeze during the POST so it's important that
you step through a logical process.

Troubleshoot the cause of the BIOS error message you see on the monitor. These errors during the POST are usually very specific so if you receive one, your best course of action is to troubleshoot to the specific error you see.

Disconnect any USB storage devices and remove any discs in any optical drives. If your computer is trying to boot from a location that does not have actually have bootable data on it, your computer could freeze somewhere during the POST.

Clear the CMOS. Clearing the BIOS memory on your motherboard will reset the BIOS settings to their factory default levels. A misconfigured BIOS is a common cause of a computer locking up during the POST.

If clearing the CMOS does fix your problem, make any future settings change in BIOS one at a time so if the problem returns, you will know which change caused your issue.

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